The Twist You Are Expecting From Kingsman The Golden Circle

The official trailer for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” is here, and, what do you know, Colin Firth is back!

The last time we saw Firth’s character, Harry Hart, Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) was shooting him in the head. There’s even a minute where an appalled Valentine inquires as to whether he is, truth be told, dead.

We knew the character’s arrival was fast approaching from Firth’s name showing up on the notice for the new motion picture, and beyond any doubt enough, one scene in the trailer demonstrates Hart― now wearing an eyepatch — much to the shock of Eggsy (Taron Egerton).

The eyepatch gives Firth an exceptionally Nick Fury-like feel, which is Sam Jackson’s character in the Marvel films. Egerton additionally beforehand prodded that the main film resembled “Chief America,” and the follow-up is more similar to “Vindicators.”

Maybe the most interesting turn in trailer is the completion montage naming all the huge on-screen characters in the film. There’s Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges. Be that as it may, then Pedro Pascal, otherwise known as Oberyn Martell from “Round of Thrones,” shows up and doesn’t get a name-drop.

Why did they do that? It’s unusual. Is this payback for Oberyn not completing the Mountain on “Round of Thrones” when he had the shot?

For the time being, we’re getting it’s only a cumbersome alter. Today is not the day our buildup kicks the bucket.

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